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Perfect for tiny cuts

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Other features:

  • Skin-friendly, breathable fabric
  • Stronger adhesion to keep the plaster in place
  • Special circular design
  • Easy to apply

Spot Plaster

Tiny cuts and wounds can also come in contact with bacteria and get infected. The Spot Plaster is best for covering these small wounds.

They are specially designed in a circular shape with stronger adhesion to ensure easy application over the small area for long-lasting stay.

Gently clean the wound
To remove the plaster, open from the direction mentioned “pull here”
Remove one of the release liners behind the plaster
Remove the second release liner behind the plaster and seal it across the wound
Ensure the wound pad is applied on the cut or scratch, covering it to the maximum
How often should I change my plaster?
For better hygiene, it is recommended that you change standard first aid dressings daily.
Is it better to let small wounds dry in fresh air instead of putting on a plaster?
It is a common myth that keeping minor cuts and grazes uncovered helps them heal faster. However, it has been proven that covered wounds have a reduced risk of infection and heal faster. Keep Hansaplast plasters in your first aid kit for quick support and protection against infection for wounds.
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Spot Plaster: Small Circle Dot to Treat Tiny Cuts | Hansaplast India

Buy Hansaplast spot wound plaster, designed to treat small, tiny cut & scratches. Put small wound plasters on tiny wounds to avoid bacteria & ensure fast healing.