Why Wound Care and Protection is Important

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No one likes hindrances or obstacles in their daily routines or while they are doing something, they are passionate about and love doing. Having said that, everyday nicks, cuts, and wounds are accidents and cannot be avoided, but they can definitely be treated well to ensure faster healing. Take proper treatment for your cuts and wounds and go back to doing what you love in no time at all!  

Wound care includes the way in which you can treat different kinds of wounds and cuts ensuring proper healing. Now, most of us have been advised to keep those wounds open so they can dry up and heal. What we often miss out on is that keeping wounds open slow down the process of healing, encourages scab formation and may leave scars. Therefore, it is advised by experts to always cover your wounds if you want to heal them in a better way. Read on to find some reasons why moist healing must be preferred over dry healing. 

Speeds up wound healing

It has been proven to heal your wounds up to two times faster. The protection provides an environment that is moist and thus thriving growth of new cells. 

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Prevents scab formation

The scabs on any wound slow down the growth of new cells. Dry or open healing promotes the growth of scabs.

Better mobility

Covering the wound keeps it supple and allows better movement of injured body parts, especially knees and elbows. Allowing you to go on with your everyday activities with much ease.  

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Ensures healthy healing

When no scabs are formed with moist healing the chances of getting scar post healing also reduce considerably. Covering yours wounds ensures a healthy healing.

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Skin friendly

Contrary to common belief, our moist healing products that protect the wound while healing are entirely skin friendly. This means that the material used is stretchable allowing maximum movement and leaves no residue once removed.  

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Covering your wound is not only advisable for a better healing process but also so you can protect your wounds from any further damage. Everyday cuts and wounds can hamper your lifestyle and we often neglect them, this might cause more injuries on the same wound since we go back to our routine nevertheless. Covering and protecting wounds with a plaster prevent these injuries. Here are some products from Hansaplast, a specialized range of wound plaster to help make your wounds painless and manageable.  

Fabric plaster

These are a range of fabric plasters perfect for cuts and abrasions, the most common type of injury.  

  • Hansaplast Regular Plaster 
    Perfect for smaller wounds with antiseptic wound pad. This helps protect wounds from dirt and bacteria while being skin friendly.
  • Hansaplast Patch Plaster
    Specially designed for knees and elbow. This plaster is made of breathable fabric that allows maximum movement of injured knees and elbows.  
  • Hansaplast Spot plaster 
    Specially designed for tiny cuts and puncture wounds. This plaster is also made of breathable fabric and leaves no residue after removing.  
  • Hansaplast Jumbo Plaster  
    Specially designed by experts for larger wounds. The XL antiseptic wound pad gives better coverage to the wound and is skin friendly.  

Washproof Range

The Washproof regular plaster ensures 100% protection even in wet conditions. Regular activities like cooking, cleaning, bathing, swimming can all be done with ease despite of any regular cuts or wounds. Washproof Plaster is designed with long lasting, strong adhesion as well as bacterial protection. 

Silverhealing Range

A healing technology like never before. This unique technological innovation in plasters uses the silver ions to stop the bacteria on the wound from growing further and ensures healthy healing. The Silver Healing Range is designed by experts to ensure up to 50%* faster healing of wounds. 

*vs untreated open wounds 

Fixation tape

Made from 100% cotton fabric these fixation tapes are super skin friendly. It doesn’t leave any residue on the skin after removing and comes with 3x* adhesion with high flexibility, allowing maximum movement around the wound.  

*vs B.P. Standards 

Crepe bandage

Specially designed wound dressing for pain relief, Hansaplast crepe bandages are soft, absorbent and skin friendly. As it offers support and compression around the wound it has been proven to be effective for long lasting pain relief.