Children discover the world by interacting with it: they love to touch and feel, climb and play. Boisterous adventures can often result in cuts and scrapes – but that’s no reason to bring the fun to a halt! Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters offer effective wound protection, allowing little ones to continue discovering and giving their parents peace of mind.And, although cuts and grazes might not bring adults to tears in quite the same way, the risk of infection remains. Applying a Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plaster enables you to go about your daily life stress-free in the knowledge that your wound is cared for and protected.

Conventional wisdom versus modern scientific research

Conventional wisdom passed down over the years says that leaving a wound open is the best approach, as it allows the wound to ‘breathe’ and ‘heal naturally’. Modern scientific research, however, has proven that the opposite is true: proper wound care is essential.

Broken skin represents an easy means for all kinds of dirt and bacteria to enter the body, which can soon result in infection. Microscopic bacteria are everywhere and are invisible to the naked eye. In severe cases, infections can spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health issues.

Infections are often painful, delay the healing progress, and become a source of annoyance and irritation. If an infection becomes serious, a course of antibiotics may even be required – so, if you think your wound is infected, you should seek medical attention.

Invest in the right bandage

Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters protect from dirt and bacteria. By protecting your wound and keeping it clean, Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters create the ideal conditions for your wounds to heal faster and in an efficient manner. Aside from giving your wound the best chance of healing quickly and healthily, applying a Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plaster gives you peace of mind and allows you to forget about your wound. You can get on with living your life because, here at Hansaplast, we’ve got you covered – for a life uninterrupted.
Bacteria Shield
*protects against dust and bacteria

How do Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters achieve this high standard of protection?

Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters form a protective barrier that prevents bacteria from coming into contact with the wound.
  1. Specially developed backing of the bandage

    Specially developed backings resist the penetration of bacteria. By blocking the dirt and bacteria, Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters reduce the risk of infection and enable rapid, natural healing.
  2. Antispetic properties

    Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters have antiseptic properties that actively protect wounds from infection. This means that your body’s natural healing mechanisms can get to work unimpeded by external factors like water, germs and bacteria.
  3. Strong Adhesion

    Strong adhesion provides prolonged protection. This dependable protection gives you peace of mind and allows you to keep living your life uninterrupted.
  4. Breathable Fabric

    Breathable materials allow moisture to escape from the wound – an important factor as the skin heals over.
Although small cuts and grazes will often heal reasonably well on their own, there’s always a risk of infection. The symptoms of infection can range from redness, swelling and pus to more serious health issues if the infection spreads. Straightforward and effective wound care with Hansaplast Bacteria Shield plasters helps to avoid infection and allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to get to work.
Bacteria Shield
*protects against dust and bacteria

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Outstanding protection blocks dirt and bacteria, helping wounds to heal naturally