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Wash Proof Anti-Septic Plaster for Everyday Wound Set 1 | Hansaplast India
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Water resistant protection plaster for wounds

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  • Blends well with the skin
  • Strong adhesion for long-lasting stay
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides comfort to the wound in water



Washproof Plaster

For everyday wounds, cuts and scrapes, the Washproof plaster provides optimum coverage for faster healing. The plasters are water resistant, extra absorbent and dries quickly to ensure optimum healing conditions and protection against waterborne infectants.

Gently clean the wound
To remove the plaster, open from the direction mentioned “pull here”
Remove one of the release liners behind the plaster
Remove the second release liner behind the plaster and seal it across the wound
Ensure the wound pad is applied on the cut or scratch, covering it to the maximum
What is a Washproof plaster?
A waterproof plaster is a wound dressing that keeps wounds dry even when submerged under water. Suitable for wounds of minor to moderate severity, like cuts, grazes and minor scrapes. Waterproof plasters come with an antiseptic wound pad surrounded by waterproof material that seals off the wound completely. Waterproof plasters are especially helpful for protection against waterborne infectants.
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