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From minor cuts and wounds to muscle sprains and pulls, if you’re looking for wound care or first aid supplies of any kind, you’re at the right place. Our range of Hansaplast wound care plasters and bandages use the latest innovative technology to make your day to day life easier. Each product has been carefully designed and tested on skin so you get the very best of the optimum Hansaplast wound healing experience. Take a look through our extensive articles on first aid and healing for further information on how you can use Hansaplast wound care to the fullest.
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Our articles on wound care and first aid cover an extensive range of information on healing, from advice on the fundamentals of muscle and wound care to tips for building a basic first aid kit. Learn from Hansaplast’s wound healing experts and unearth the science behind our carefully engineered wound care plasters. Equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to handle emergency situations with care.

Hansaplast India | Wound Care & Healing Expert

Hansaplast India holds an established reputation as a trusted expert in wound care. Our wound care range offers dependable and hassle-free first aid products such as wound plasters, sleeve braces, bandages & tapes. So stock up your first aid box and rest assured that your health is in safe hands.