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Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report

We care for people and our strategy for care goes beyond wound ---- We serve the community in the areas of wound care, pain and foot by connecting to humanity at large. We believe in providing best-in-class solutions to manage everyday injuries, for everyone, everywhere.

At Beiersdorf we believe in the positive power of the human touch, strive to develop wound care products that make you feel better and make you pain free, so you connect with others and enjoy life. We understand wound care and pain management in a holistic way, studying how it connects us with our environment. Our product philosophy is to create health care products that provide relief to human life from wound and pain. We provide first aid dressing which every household can trust on and can move ahead in life

Along with that we are committed to making a positive impact on the world by setting ourselves ambitious sustainability goals. We recognise our responsibility to offer consumers the confidence that our products are sourced sustainably with respect to people and environment. Product sustainability is one of our strategic areas of focus in which the sustainable selection of packaging is specially underlined.

Our Commitment

We apply sustainability criteria of “Avoid- reduce- reuse- recycle” to all our product innovations. One of our primary focus is reducing plastic and ensure we follow the sustainability models to stand by the word.

The Funnel

Plastic waste is generated at below stages from our products:

During filling and packing of products in plastic packaging materials by our third party manufacturers

Waste generated due to goods remaining in supply chain (e.g. unsold and expired goods at warehouses) 

Waste generated by consumer after using product packed in plastic packaging materials

Our Company does not make use of non-recyclable multi-layer plastic material in any of the products

Waste Management Process

We send the plastic waste generated during filling and packing of products to the waste handling / recycling agencies. Our vendors follow the Plastic Waste Management Guidelines for the same.  

Waste handling agencies handle the plastic waste as per guidelines of State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) and have required approvals in place from the concerned SPCB. Plastic waste is recycled by the recycling agencies in an effective and environment friendly manner according to all statutory regulatory guidelines and requirements.

Waste generated by consumer after using product packed in plastic packaging materials

We have evaluated possible options for collection of plastic waste generated by consumers after using our products to ensure best possible compliance to the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Considering the geographical size of the country, there are challenges in collection of waste individually as a company. Based on the consumption pattern and geographical spread of product reach, we are exploring along with other manufacturers and brand owners to tie up with approved Plastic Recycled vendors. Our authorised recycling agencies for recycling of plastic material are in compliance to applicable laws. 

We have also tied up with a PRO authorised by the Central Pollution Control Board to collect back plastic waste generated by consumers after using products packed in plastic packaging materials.