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Corn Plaster

Fast and effective corn removal

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  • Softens the corn and provides relief from pain 
  • Ayurvedic corn plaster with Narmalic Amal 
  • Its specific shape ensures ease of application and better grip 
  • Comes with a filer for easy corn removal 

Corn Plaster

The Corn Plaster helps in softening the corn and providing relief from. The use of Namalic Amal in the corn plaster draws from Ayurveda, ensuring natural healing. Also, the plaster has been designed to deviate pressure from an area where application and retention of the plaster is difficult. For better and faster corn removal, replace the plaster every 2 days. 

The filer that comes with the plaster can be used to remove dead and dry skin from the corn. 

Thoroughly clean and dry the affected area. 
Apply the plaster by placing the centre of the foam ring directly on the corn.
Replace the plaster after 2 days.
What is a corn and how do I get it?

The outer layer of our skin, acts as a protective barrier for the inner layers. 

If the skin is exposed to permanent pressure and friction e.g. from ill-fitting shoes, it reacts by building up the outer layer resulting into formation of calloused skin. If the pressure persists, the calloused skin can form a corn with a hard core that reaches the inner, sensitive layers of the skin, thus causing pain. 

What can I do to prevent corns?

The best preventive measure against the formation of corns is wearing comfortable footwear that fit your feet properly. 

When you’re breaking in a new shoe, wear thick socks over your feet to protect your toes. Covering the topsides of your toes and the sides of your feet in breathable plasters also cushions them and prevents corn formation. Other steps you can take include regularly moisturising your feet so your skin stays healthy and trimming your toenails so that your toes don’t sit in your shoes in an abnormal position. 

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