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Regular Wound Plasters | Antiseptic to protect from dirt and bacteria | Hansaplast India
Regular Rough & Tough Wound Plasters 2 | Hansaplast
Regular Wound Plasters Small Box | Antiseptic plaster to protect from dirt and bacteria | Hansaplast India
Regular Wound Plasters Big Box | Antiseptic plaster to protect from dirt and bacteria | Hansaplast India


Protection from dirt and bacteria

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  • Breathable fabric plaster 
  • Antiseptic & non-sticky wound pad 
  • Strong adhesive plaster 

Regular: For everyday cuts and wounds

Designed to cover the entire wound securely and prevent any kind of infection caused by dirt or bacteria, the plaster provides adequate and necessary aeration for the wound to heal faster. Cushioning the wound and protecting it from minor impacts, the plaster’s strong adhesive ensures that it stays intact during day-to-day activities. 

Gently clean the wound
To remove the plaster, open from the direction mentioned “pull here”
Remove one of the release liners behind the plaster 
Remove the second release liner behind the plaster and seal it across the wound 
Ensure the wound pad is applied on the cut or scratch, covering it to the maximum 
How often should I change my plaster?
For better hygiene, it is recommended that you change standard first aid dressings daily.
Is it better to let wounds dry in fresh air instead of putting on a plaster?
It is a common myth that keeping minor cuts and grazes uncovered helps them heal faster. In reality, covering them ensures faster healing and better protection. Keep Hansaplast plasters handy in your first aid kit to provide quick support and protection to wounds. 
What if my wound gets infected, swells, creates pus or suppurates?
If there are any signs of infection or pus, please get in touch with a medical practitioner. You can tell your wound is infected if there is redness, heat, pain, itching, burning or swelling around the wound. 
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Regular Wound Plasters: Wound Plaster for Cuts & Injuries | Hansaplast India

Regular wound plasters - Buy Hansaplast wound plasters for everyday regular cut, scratches & injuries. Wound plaster | Strong Adhesive | Non-Sticky | Durable Fabric