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Lion Plaster: Belladonna Heat Plasters

Belladonna extracts for muscular pain

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  • Contains Belladonna extracts
  • Relieves back and muscle pain
  • Heals with induced heat from Belladonna extracts
  • Free from pungent odour
  • Adheres strongly to the skin to keep the plaster in place
  • Enables discreet, hassle-free application

Lion Plaster: Belladonna Heat Plasters

The Lion Heat Plaster range relieves back and muscle pain. The Belladonna Heat plasters induce warmth around the affected area with the power of Ayurveda in Belladonna extracts. The heat from this plaster provides long-term relief from muscle stiffness, joint swelling and nerve swelling.
Clean the aching part with soap and water
Dry the skin thoroughly
Gently remove the protective layer of the plaster
Cover aching part with plaster and smooth out with hand
I have heard that cold therapy is also a good way to relieve pain. When are cold therapy and heat therapy used?
The therapeutic use of cold or heat is a well-known physiotherapeutic treatment. However, the usage of heat or cold on the affected area depends on the type of pain.

Heat therapy is an effective way to relieve pain caused by muscle strain and tension.

Cold therapy is recommended for acute inflammation or sports injuries like sprains, contusions, bruising and swelling.

If you are in doubt on whether to apply heat therapy or cold therapy, please take expert advice from a medical professional.
What kind of pain can Hansaplast Lion Plaster’s Belladonna Heat Plaster be used for?
Belladonna Heat Plasters help in relieving muscle and back pain. They can also be used for muscle stiffness, joint swelling and nerve swelling.
Can I wear the Hansaplast Lion Plaster’s Belladonna Heat Plaster overnight?
Yes, you can wear this plaster overnight. However, we recommend using it during the day. This would help you experience and assess the level of heat according to your comfort level.
How does the heat therapy patch work?
The heat therapy patch subjects the affected area to heat generated by pharmacological methods using Ayurvedic Belladonna extracts. The heat patch warms up the muscle tissue and increases blood flow and tissue flexibility. This soothes the nerve endings and sends a sensation of relief around the affected area.
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Lion Heat Belladonna Plaster- Pain relief patch | Hansaplast India

Belladonna pain relief plaster by Hansaplast induces warmth for pain relief from mild to moderate shoulder muscle, joint swelling and stiffness.