Why and When to Use a Wrist Brace

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Why and When to Use a Wrist Brace

When experiencing pain, tingling sensation, and discomfort in the wrist all the time due to any underlying medical condition like a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or an injury, doctors usually suggest wearing a wrist brace. Pain in the wrist may have varying causes, but the most typical solution provided and recommended by medical experts is supporting the wrist, and the wrist brace is the best way to do it. It is here where the Hansaplast Wrist Brace comes into the picture. Backed with 90 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing cutting-edge and high-end wound care solutions, products, and innovations, Hansaplast helps in recovery of small inconveniences. It provides a superior wrist support solution allowing it to heal properly and completely. 


When to Use a Wrist Brace?

A wrist brace provides a perfect support mechanism to the wrist. It must be worn in certain conditions or when prescribed by the doctor. Here are a few conditions when wearing a wrist brace is best recommended. 

Dropping things due to lack of strength in the wrist

Numbness or burning sensation in the wrist

Pain, discomfort, or tingling sensation in fingers and thumb

Weakness in Hand

Symptoms are more pronounced when the person is asleep

When facing any or all of the above issues, the doctors may ask the patient to give support to the wrist. Wearing it is particularly important when the patient is asleep because, in sleep, the person may bend their wrists. This results in putting a lot of pressure on the median nerve. The wrist brace keeps the wrist straight and in a neutral position. Patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome have been found to get a lot of relief from this condition wearing the brace and adequately supporting the wrist. 


Patients with acute pain and discomfort can wear this support solution in the daytime, too, if they are engaging in activities that can trigger a flare-up. Extra strain or repetitive motions of the wrist can worsen the symptoms. It is better to avoid it rather than treat it. 


After removing the brace, the person must move the wrist lightly as it helps in loosening but, at the same time, strengthening the muscles. The patient must also avoid putting a lot of force or strain on the wrist and give ample time to ensure its complete healing.

Why Wear a Wrist Brace?

While it is a fact that no-size-fits-all when it comes to suggesting a treatment option to a patient recovering from an injury, some treatment options may work, and some may not, one option that is sure to help the patient in quick recovery from hidden wrist injuries is wearing a wrist brace. Here are a few reasons that explain why it is necessary to wear a wrist brace.

Improve Quality of Life

Wearing a brace helps the patients improve their quality of life, especially when suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis. It helps them in managing the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

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Wrist Stabilization for greater Comfort

This wrist brace is available at Hansaplast India that is suitable for a wide variety of ailments and injuries. The brace helps to stabilise the wrist that prevents the person from excessively moving his hand and further aggravating the problem. The patient can carry out his day-to-day activities without interfering with his healing process. 

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Reduces Swelling

The wrist immobilisation using a brace also helps in reducing swelling in the wrist. The inflammation related pain also subsidies, keeping the person relaxed and comfortable. 

Post-Surgical Healing

Patients recuperating from wrist surgery are also suggested to wear a hand brace so that the site of the procedure stays well-protected, allowing for rapid healing.  

Handling Excruciating Pain

If the patient is experiencing excruciating pain in the wrist, he can wear a wrist brace for pain, and he will find a remarkable improvement in his condition in some time. 

Hansaplast Wrist Brace is the best way to control wrist injury from aggravating further as it is designed to provide strength, protection and support due to the additional comfort and targeted support to stiff, weak, painful and injured joints. According to the doctors, giving support to the injured or healing wrist is the best way to expedite healing and recuperation. Patients who suffer from medical issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis, or have undergone wrist surgery must wear the wrist brace to give ample support to the injured area for quicker recovery. We at Hansaplast deal with a wide range of wound healing products. Our products have been helping people overcome small inconveniences in life by providing products that ensure adequate or supportive treatment. The expert products of the company have been taking care of the skincare and wound healing needs of people for almost a century.

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