Benefits of Sports Ankle Brace for Athletes

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If you are an athlete, you must have experienced or observed around you that ankle sprain is an inevitable part of practice and competition. When your heart is racing against time in the crucial moments of the game, it is human to lose that extreme mind-body connection, resulting in injury. 

While it is essential to ace the game, you can’t afford to neglect safety, which brings us to the most interesting subject of discussion around the ankles - brace or not to brace. While you may hear a couple of sports enthusiasts talk about the impact of ankle support strap on agility, but it is always better to make research-proven and medically assisted choices. With the overwhelming amount of information out there, it is obvious to make a confused and medically uninformed decision. Hansaplast brings you the Sport Ankle Brace for strong ankle support. It is designed to offer compression and support to relieve pain associated with ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability and symptoms of overuse. It is made with breathable, dual stretch power knit material for comfort, which also fits comfortably in shoe. Additionally, it also helps to prevent re-injury.

Lateral ankle sprains are reported to be the most common injury that impacts the performance of athletes. In severe cases, the impact of injury is such that it can damage and separate the bones - tibia, and fibula. 

If you still have qualms about wrapping your ankles in a brace, then we have listed medically proven benefits to help you make a better and informed choice. Read on to learn more about the benefits of wearing ankle cap for athletes:

Reduced Risk of Injury

Athletes with a previous ankle injury are recommended wearing an ankle support strap or brace by medical practitioners to reduce the risk of future injuries. This preventive measure is recommended on the grounds that ankle caps are proven to protect the lateral and medial structures of the ankle. They serve as external support to restrict inversion and offer an assisted awareness of the ankle joint’s positioning.

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Rehabilitation Post-Injury

Ideally, the most effective way to heal from an ankle injury is immediate effective medical help. That being said, the most recommended rehabilitation post-injury is bracing the ankle. Ankle brace helps to stabilize the ankle and prevent muscle weakness by enabling weight management on the affected muscles. The braces help balance weight and improve ankle endurance. They keep every part of the ankle from superior extensor retinaculum to inferior fibular retinaculum and everything in between in place and perfectly involved. An ankle strap or brace can help you strike that perfect balance that your ankle missed when you last time tried to exceed the benchmark!

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Controlled Range of Motion

The reason why ankle braces have gained popularity over the years is that they have proved effective in restricting the eversion and inversion range of motion. And it is also crucial to understand that since ankle braces do not impact or restrict the sagittal motion, there’s no question of a negative impact on the performance of athletes due to their use. You can jump, run or exercise with a free movement with ankle braces and your performance remains unaffected by the use of tapes and braces.


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Pain Management

Finding the right fit for your ankle can help with the usual pain management after the practice. You don’t encounter pain just as an after-effect of injury; rather, it can be experienced after intense practice or unexpected encounters. Bracing up your ankle in an ankle belt can help cope with pain by giving the desired rest to the bones, muscles, and ligaments for continued excellence in the performance. Keeping your feet elevated and in braces can prove extremely beneficial for reducing swelling and relieving pain. Next time you are in pain, lift your feet up to your heart!

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Prevent bone separation

The fibular and tibial bone separation due to damaged tissues is the most common and crucial form of an ankle injury. The purpose of using ankle tapes and braces is to reduce the ankle's extreme anatomical motion and strengthen muscle activity and cutaneous feedback. This provides for a secure experience and minimizes the risk of bone separation. Strap up your ankle to keep those bones bunched together!

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It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is precisely the reason why athletes should wear ankle support straps. Contrary to the belief that braces can hinder the performance, it has been proven that their use does not counteract dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. Whether you are healing post-injury or restarting your athletic journey, Hansaplast’s supportive and fitting, ankle brace can offer you the desired support to give your best in the sport. 

For a supportive and free movement, brace your ankle now! 

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Benefits of Ankle Brace for Athletes

Ankle Brace for Athletes: If you are an athlete, here are some benefits of waring an ankle cap. From maximum movement to support and more.