Important benefits of Silver Ions in Wound Healing

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A variety of wound care techniques use silver for healing a wound. The most important role of a wound care product is to create an optimum condition for the wound to heal. A protected and appropriately moist environment.

Throughout history silver has been used for treating various diseases and infections, to disinfect water and food, as well as treat burns and wounds. Today, silver-containing products are well established antiseptics. Silver acts as an antiseptic because its ions are active and can penetrate bacterial membranes.

Silver as an element has proven to be antibacterial and protective against a lot of different kinds of germs and bacteria. Wound healing using silver ions works very efficiently even in low concentration and has been proven to cause faster healing than usual. Read on to find out how Silver Ion Healing Technology works and how we have used it in our product to give you a superior wound healing experience that is up to 50%* faster than regular healing.

A cutting-edge wound healing technology where, the attack is soft on the skin but harsh and on the bacteria can be seen in silver ion healing. The charged silver ions are positive in nature, and therefore they naturally attach themselves to the negatively charged dirt and bacteria particles on the wound. What this does for faster healing of the wound is,

Inhibition of DNA replication – Bacteria cannot multiply therefore reducing the risk of infection.

Destruction of cell membranes – The cell membranes of a wide spectrum of bacteria can be broken down causing their elimination.

Inhibition of enzymes – This prevents the spreading of these bacteria any further as it destroys their energy sources, inhibits movement and replication.


Apart from acting as an extremely efficient and superior element for wound care and healing the usage of silver ions in wound care also have other advantages/ benefits, as mentioned below. 

  1. Well established efficacy
  2. Proven broad spectrum antiseptic effect
  3. Faster haling as well as dour prevention effect
  4. High skin compatibility
  5. Skin-friendly
  6. Reduced risk of infection
  7. Recommended by experts

Having listed down very suitable and important benefits of silver in the process of healing and wound care, let us tell you that you wouldn’t have to go far to get the right silverhealing protection for your families. Now you can keep these highly efficient wound care products for everyday cuts and wounds in your home. Stock up on Hansaplast’s range of plasters in your home first aid kit and be ready to take care of a wound at all times.

Hansaplast’s Silver Healing range incorporates all the properties of silver ion technology and ensures healing of wounds up to 50%* faster than when left uncovered. The Silver ions in it’s wound pad makes it antibacterial in nature and very efficient in fighting against a wide range of bacteria and germs that may be present on the wound. It considerably reduces infection and is water resistant in nature. This allows you to go about your every work and routine without the slightest hindrance and while you put on the plaster the wound is healing rapidly simultaneously. Hansaplast Silverhealing plasters not only come with Silver Shield Technology but also possess very strong adhesion such that they don’t really come off unless you want them to. The adhesive is skin friendly in nature that it doesn’t leave any residue behind even after removing the plaster.

*vs open untreated wounds

As experts in healing and wound care we recommend covering and protecting your wounds no matter how small they may be. This general practice reduces the risk of infection or chances of a bigger disease due to easy entry of bacteria and germs through the wound. We would also recommend a regular change of dressing and plaster depending on the kind of wound you may be tending to.

Choose from Hansaplast as we have specialized plasters for all kinds of wounds and injuries. We’ve got you covered well while you enjoy the adventures of life with your loved ones!

Benefits of Silver Ions in Wound Care. 50% faster healing| Hansaplast India

The wound healing process is benefited effectively by the use of silver ion as silver is proven to be antiseptic and protects from germs and bacteria. Read further to know how.