Belladonna Extracts; What is a Belladonna Plaster Used For

Belladonna Extracts; What is a Belladonna Plaster Used For

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The power of Ayurveda has played an influential role in medicine for hundreds of years. And these days, there is a lot of noise about Belladonna extracts and plasters. Belladonna is an ayurvedic plant whose leaves and roots are used to make medicine.

It is clinically proven to help with the pain as an ointment, and can be applied to the skin for joint pain and general nerve pain. These days, it is also used as heat patches for its wondrous effect on muscle pain.

How does it work?

Belladonna plasters contain plant extracts which have chemicals that can alter functions of the nervous system. These patches act as pain relief by desensitising the nerve endings that carry the sensation of pain.

The alkaloids derived from the Belladonna plant act as an anti-irritant, increasing blood flow to the area beneath the plaster. This, in turn, causes a heat effect, which provides warming relief from aches and pains in the targeted area.

What is it used for?

Belladonna plasters can help relieve muscle and back pain by inducing warmth around the affected area through the power of Ayurveda. The heat from this plaster provides long-term relief from muscle stiffness, joint swelling and nerve pain.

Belladonna plaster can be used for pain relief from muscular tension, strain, stiff neck, aching shoulders and rheumatism.

Hansaplast’s Belladonna Heat Plasters contain Belladonna extracts that relieve back and muscle pain with heat induced from the plant extracts. These are free from pungent odour and enable a discreet and hassle-free application. 

By using a pain relief and heat patch you can help reduce swelling and unnecessary pain, while also encouraging healing through faster blood flow.