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Managing Arthritis and Joint Pain With Knee Braces

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We’ve all heard of the term arthritis. Is a common joint problem that is usually associated with ageing. Although arthritis worsens with age, it can actually affect all groups of people, even youngsters. It also tends to affect women more than men. It is caused by the swelling and inflammation of joints and can cause recurring pain, tenderness and stiffness. 

There are two common types of arthritis to watch out for.

  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Osteoarthritis results from the breakdown of the cartilage around the joints. Whereas in rheumatoid arthritis it is the immune system that begins to attack the lining of the joints.

Cartilage is what keeps our bones from rubbing against each other, the wearing down of the cartilage in arthritis is the root of the joint pain you may experience. Arthritis can be diagnosed through a physical exam or by laboratory testing such as x-ray imaging. Once diagnosed with arthritis, your doctor will walk you through the various pain relief methods and exercises for arthritis that can help you to lead a relatively normal life, despite the condition.

Arthritis pain relief

Although arthritis pain cannot be cured completely, effective management and physical therapy can help to reduce the severity of the symptoms. There are many self-management methods you can use for pain relief. Instilling a consistent daily routine and keeping up with physical exercise is very important to keep the condition from worsening. Another often used method to manage arthritis is to use sleeve braces for support.

Knee brace for arthritis

Knee braces for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can be very useful when it comes to providing support and relief. There are a few kinds of knee braces that you can pick between -

  • Sleeve brace
  • Hinged knee braces
  • Knee pads
  • Wrap around brace

Every type of brace performs more or less the same functions, which one you pick depends entirely on what you feel comfortable with.

Here are ways in which using a knee brace can help you to manage arthritis and provide pain relief for joints-

  • It compresses the afflicted area
  • Provides support
  • Keeps the joint stable
  • Reduces any stress from impact 
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Provides comfort and pain relief


The advantage of a sleeve brace when compared to the other types of braces is that it slips up onto your knee in an easy-to-use manner and fits snug against the joint. If you are confused about which brace type to choose, it is advisable to consult your doctor. A doctor can help you pick a knee brace according to what is suitable and convenient for you, in accordance with the severity of your condition.

Some other efficient ways through which you can keep arthritis pain under check are:

Staying active through physical exercise

While the pain might make you want to give up on being active, this is actually counter-productive to arthritis pain relief. Regular exercises and physical activity will help to keep your joints flexible. However, avoid activities that involve repetitive movements or put pressure on your joints. Low-impact activities such as swimming, cycling or aerobics are recommended.

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Maintaining a healthy body weight

Unhealthy body weight puts excess strain on your joints which can worsen arthritis and negatively impact your health in other areas as well. Steadily maintaining a healthy weight will help you to better manage arthritis by lessening the stress on your weight-bearing joints.

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Massage techniques and acupuncture

Quick, pain relief therapies such as massages can help to alleviate arthritis related joint pain and release stiffness and tension from your joints. Acupuncture is also a tried and tested method that people use for arthritis pain relief. Although these are not overnight treatment options it can take a few weeks to see a marked improvement.

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Over-the-counter medicine

Consult with your doctor about the use of basic painkillers for arthritis pain relief. You can also try applying topical creams to the affected area. Please note that while medication can help with basic pain relief for joints, it is important to stay consistent with physical treatment options as well to properly combat arthritis and maintain flexibility in your joints.  

Staying pro-active and vigilante can make a big difference in slowing the progression of arthritis. As long as you take care of your health and carry out all the tips mentioned above, you can manage arthritis and go about your daily life with ease.

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Please note that the above recommendations are general care tips. Consult a health care professional in case of any uncertainty around wound treatment and healing.
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