Small cuts and bruises are a common phenomenon amongst chidren. The tendency of a child to get hurt is very and that is precisely what makes the Hansaplast My Handy Kit a quintessential product for each child to have it in his/her school bag. To ensure ease & convenience of usage of first aid by every one and to enable kids in attending the cuts and minor wounds by themselves, the Handy Kit is equipped with pre-cut and individually packed disinfectant swabs, cotton cum gauze pad, qauze roll, binding tape and Hansaplast plasters. This First Aid Kit enables the user in protecting at least 12 to 14 cuts and minor wounds without any hassle of usage. The First Aid Kit comes in 12 exciting collectible printed boxes.

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  • Disinfectant swabs
  • Cotton cum Gauze Pad
  • Gauze roll
  • Binding Tape
  • Hansaplast plasters