The most neglected part of our body is undoubtedly our feet. We Indians abuse our feet so much by not taking proper care of them. Walking on rough roads, splashing it in dirty puddles of water, the list is endless. This harsh and neglected abuse leads to cracks developing in our heels which are extremely painful and besmirch the image of smooth clean feet. How then must one take proper care of their feet? The following points illustrate the proper maintenance of feet and the steps to ensure that your feet are healthy and happy!

1. Regular Inspection

Our feet are exposed to all elements of nature and even in our homes; we are attuned to walking barefoot. Any changes in colour, texture or even the appearance must not be neglected and a doctor should be consulted. Very often the things we think are minor blemishes on our feet turn out to be something far more sinister!

Regular Inspection

2. Maintaining Foot Hygiene

How often do we rush in the shower? A quick scrub, change and you’re out the door! Our feet who suffer abuse daily are not even given a decent scrub! Maintaining foot hygiene is an essential aspect of staying healthy. Washing and drying in between the toes is important as a lot of dirt and bacteria are present in the gaps which lead to infections and other diseases

Maintaining Foot Hygiene

3. Never ignore foot pain

Pains in the feet are something we all have experienced in our lives at some point or the other. They happen due to a variety of reasons, changes in temperature, strenuous exercises and so on. People generally don’t think about consulting a podiatrist but in some instances, when the pain is persistent for a long period of time, it should not be managed by consuming pain medication, instead an appointment with the podiatrist should be booked as it may not be an innocent anomaly.

Never ignore foot pain

4. Purchasing the right footwear

The right footwear can do wonders for your feet while the wrong one can create problems which may not be easy to solve! Shoes which feel the best and are the most comfortable should be bought. An important point to note is that shoes should be bought in the later part of the day, as it is during that time that our feet tend to be the largest. Moreover, different manufacturers follow different foot scales so it is always better to get your size checked out before you purchase the shoes.

Purchasing the right footwear

5. Cutting your toe nails the right way

Learning the proper way to cut your toe nails is an essential skill to know. Not many of us bother with this activity and prefer to wind up with the task as quickly as we can. Cutting toe nails the right way is important because it is necessary to keep in mind the fact that toe nails which are not cut straight across, i.e. those that are cut into corners, can result in an ingrown toe nail which is highly painful and hinders movement. Gently file away your toe nails using a soft and sharp filer to have healthy and happier toes!

Cutting your toe nails the right way