Diabetes is a condition that is rampant among Indians. Nearly 44 lakh Indians between the ages of 20-79 suffer from this disease without even knowing about it. Diabetes can be controlled by various means but people who ignore this condition expose themselves to a plethora of problems like heart attack, stroke, amputations, kidney stones and so forth. It is said that by 2030, India’s diabetic count is going to cross the 100 million mark. There are numerous ways by which diabetic patients can manage their condition and lead a normal and healthy life.

1. Visiting the doctor regularly

Regular visits to the doctor are an essential aspect of being a diabetic patient. People need to know that their condition has not exacerbated and that they are still within the realms of safety. An exercise schedule must be planned out after consulting with the doctor to ensure that the condition is managed and controlled.

Visiting the doctor regularly

2. Checking the blood sugar levels at frequent intervals

Another important point to note in the maintenance of diabetes is to keep checking your blood sugar levels. There are various machines in the market which give an almost accurate indication of the sugar levels present in your blood. In case there are discrepancies, a visit to the doctor must be scheduled at the earliest possible hour.

Checking the blood sugar levels at frequent intervals

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking the daily required intake of water is something we all ignore. It is recommended by all health experts that people should consume at least 8 glasses of water during the day but not all of us stick to this norm. Diabetic patients need to ensure that they drink the required amount of water daily. Water helps keep the sugar levels in the body in check and detoxifies the kidneys of excess sugar.

Stay Hydrated

4. Planning your diet

Eating healthy is something we Indians tend to avoid. Food which has lots of oil and masala is considered tasty and healthy by most of us. Being diet conscious is an integral part of managing diabetes. Foods rich in fibre and low in calories must be consumed. Water should replace juices, sodas and other fizzy drinks. A healthy and proper diet goes a long way in ensuring that your diabetes are in check and are easily manageable.

Planning your diet

5. Avoid strenuous and stress inducing activities

It is common to feel sad, overwhelmed and even angry when you are living with diabetes. Stress can raise your blood sugar levels. Learn a few simple breathing exercises, take a walk, meditate or even listen to music. Activities which soothe and calm you should be inculcated into daily life. If you are feeling depresses, talk to a counsellor or a family member. You can also look out for support groups which help you live with diabetes.

Avoid strenuous and stress inducing activities

Diabetes is a serious disease which should never be taken lightly. Proper diet, healthcare and regular visits to the doctor make this condition relatively easy to live with. Follow the required guidelines and lead a healthy, normal and stress free life.